Dijon North Condominium Association

Board of Managers Meeting

Minutes- April 18, 2012


Board Members Present: Roy Drexler, Ed Sealy, Sandy Weaver, Ruben Gonzalez,                               Dr. George Beddingfield, Judy Crawford, Patti Padgett

Staff Present: Joe Camps, Doug Higgins, Joleen Zabawa

Owner’s Present: Tom and Jo Playle, Dick Kernighan

I. Homeowner’s Forum

II. Call to Order 6:10

III. Motion to approve March 14, 2012 Minutes – Moved, Seconded, Carried

IV. Officer Reports

     A). President’s Report (Roy Drexler)

     B). Treasurer’s Report (Sandy Weaver/Doug Higgins)

V. Management Reports

     A). Maintenance (Joe Camps)

     B). Office Report (Joleen Zabawa)

VI. Old Business

VII. New Business

     A). Torrado Request for approval for side yard project

     Motion made to place decision on hold until board questions are answered.

     Seconded. Carried. Meeting will be set up to meet with owner/contractor.

     B). Motion made to give raises to staff. Seconded. Carried.

     (25 cents/hr.- Garza/Rodriquez, 50 cents/hr. to Camps)

VIII. Scheduled May Board Meeting: May 16, 2012

      Scheduled Special Meeting (Audit/Rules & Declarations): May 23. 2012

IX. Meeting Adjourned: 8:45 PM